“Flores” Skinny Bracelet


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Flower pattern 2mm skinny bracelets.
Available in: Gold Plated Brass, Rose Gold Plated Brass, Stainless Steel
Size: Inner circle fixed - 2 3/4'' (7cm) diameter
Big "Daisy" Bracelet 4 1/2'' (11.5cm) outer diameter
Medium "Sunflower" Bracelet 3 7/8'' (9.8cm) outer diameter
Small "Chamomile" Bracelet 3 1/2'' (8.8cm) outer diameter

♥♥♥ The bracelets can be mixed and matched, stacked a variety of different ways to change up your bangle game ♥♥♥

Create your own bangle stack! Combine these bracelets with other bracelets from here:
Stack and switch however you like! Stack them all on one hand or divide them up and wear them on both! So delicate and chic wear this stack everyday!

Material : Stainless Steel