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LakaLuka offers an ever-growing collection of uniquely designed creations reflecting contemporary fashion trends. Its creators, life-partners Anna Paraskevaidou and Panagiotis Siatis, left Athens in 2005 for the small northern-Greek town of Xanthi. Their handmade jewellery, as well as their stefana (wedding crowns), which they started creating shortly after their own wedding, are characterised by a postmodern, eclectic, and playful aesthetics that approaches symbols and motifs from antiquity, Byzantium, and traditional and modern art through contemporary minimalist forms.


Building on the symbolism of the marital union, LakaLuka has created L’Autre Moitié, their ever-growing, trademark-collection of complementary wedding crowns, which, despite their similarities and differences, fit perfectly into each other to form a perfect circle that constitutes a symbolic souvenir of the zero point in the newlyweds’ new life.


With the intent to encourage the expression of its audience’s personal aesthetics, LakaLuka has created a line of interactive jewellery that can be combined with each other in numerous ways. Some pieces unfold in unconventional dimensions, some are oversized, and some others modular. Their common trait is that they are everyday fashion jewellery whose final form is determined by the wearer her/himself.